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If nothing else, your link to Youtube reminds me of how horrific the comment section is there. Shudder. Best to avoid.

Other than that, can't say I'm too sorry to see Imus go. If he wants to talk trash about public figures, fine, whatever. His style isn't very classy but public figures put themselves out for ridicule and criticism. But turning his venom against 18-20 year old student athletes was just hideous. The man even has daughters. What on earth is wrong with him? As a parent, would he appreciate someone talking about his daughters like that?

In the aftermath, I was trying to come up with a scenario in which Imus had said something like that about any of the various teams I've played on; a scenario that didn't involve my own dad going ballastic, ripping off Imus's head and crapping down his neck. I couldn't come up with one.


I am not saying that what he said wasn't completely offensive, but it isn't anything that we don't hear on a daily basis on TV and in 'popular' music.

Honestly, I find it just as offensive when the person using the language is not white.

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