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I sure did enjoy this movie!


I haven't seen it yet but plan to soon. In the meantime, the trailer looks like the most homoerotic spectacle I've seen since the special features on my "Brokeback Mountain" dvd. Kind of hawwwt, actually!


300 was great! I just saw it the other day and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. ...Your description of the battle scenes being a "stylishly muscular ballet" is spot on :)

They did something with camera speeds in one of the fight scenes that was amazing... mixing different elements in the shot at different speeds or something, obviously over the top on blood splatters, but despite this I'm definitely going to see it again when its out on dvd :)

And the historical context was actually really interesting, no matter how much "artistic license" has been used. Like you, I am curious to read more on the subject!

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