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Why do we need creative vision? Creation is the impulse behind all of the arts thru history. It's drama and beauty inspires and raises the higher self in us all.
Art is a language of cultures. What moves us? What are the signposts of cultural heritage. What's inspiring? A painting by Van Gogh (as illustrated by Ray) , a monumental architectural masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright or a cathedral in Europe, a Dali or Beethoven's ninth, The 'Call of the Wild' or 'Poems of Rumi'.
Beyond basic necessities of life there is one over arching need in man. The need to convey and preserve the artifacts of his greater self. His highest ideals, his triumph of the spirit. This is the food and blood of all cultures. The heiroglyphics of continuity. The preservation of the nobility of civilization.

During the retreat of the Germans across Europe as WWll was drawing to a close, a field commander,in direct contradiction to Hitlers orders to loot all masterpieces , spirited away some of the great Italian masterpieces stolen by his soldiers. He left them behind to be found in their country of origin. Why? Why did he feel so strongly that these artifacts should remain with their rightful owners in their native country? What moved this officer to disobey orders and risk his life over some canvas ,wooden strips and paint. The answer is in the telling of the story.
Surrounded by the horror of war, reduced to the most base part of his nature, amid the destruction of Europe, a mans heart and spirit,his higher self, rose above to do what he deemed was his moral imperative. This is the power of art, art that could never be without the harnessing of the creative spirit that resides in us all.
However you use it, however you manifest your creative vision and in whatever venue large or's a valuable gift to yourself and to the collective spirit us all.


Well said Eddie. Your comment ads real depth to the subject here. Bravo Sir!

Thea Westra

Now that's very weird. After not hearing or being reminded of the song for many years, suddenly within 15 mins. online, I am led to the song "Vincent". :)
Must be a gift in there for me somewhere. Best read the lyrics again, slowly.
Saw Don McLean live at The Palais in St Kilda, Australia, many moons ago, and was in Holland just last year.


Years a go I was helping high school students make web pages for their English class. I felt it would break up the boredom of writing yet another paper for class. What I found blew me away. Straight A students found the assignment difficult and whined. While the D, F students rocked the house. It really made me think hard about how students are taught.

Creative people are great problem solvers because they see outside of the dotted line.

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