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Crushpad seems like a great, much less expensive way to play winemaker than actually opening your own vineyard! I hope it's a blast if you decide to go ahead with it!


You know, I read about Crushpad two years ago. It's the best idea. There's so much potential there - for chef's to make their own house wines... Or even for a bride and groom to make their own wine - perhaps trampling the grapes under foot themselves and then drinking a bottle every anniversary. I made a few bottles of Shiraz two years ago using basket presses - its a real blast. Much better than the pineapple beer we used to make as kids in my dad's garage! 1 Gallon pineapple juice, 4 table-spoons of anchor yeast and 4 months in the dark. Makes my skin crawl to think about it! I remember the shiraz fondly though...


And then, you can distill your own bathtub swill to create a unique, specialty grappa! MMMMMMmmm...takes me back to Italy!

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