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    Best Kisses is a unique user-generated kissing photo website promoting the power of love one kiss at a time. Send us your photo kisses, captions and love-notes. New photos post every Monday. It's simple! It's your life in a kiss.

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I am totally charmed to be included in your garage band, Mr. B.! Don't let me [try to] sing - but I can bang a wicked gong. And bring the snacks. :-) Jen


Good lord sir! I am honored :) A heartfelt "Cheers" to you and yours!


how sweet of ya Ray!..dang I'm smilin ear to ear..and youre spot on..where would I be without my readers?..o gosh that reminds me of an old BeeGees
Come leave your 2 cents at my haunt any time!


You are a man of class Mr. Besilly. :) Thank you for the honor. I will remember. Dalene


Thanks, Ray! You're the best.

The smartest people know the favorite thing to talk about is themselves ... putting us in the spotlight certainly caters to that.


hi! am dropping by via IntroduceMyBlog - I've enjoyed what I've read so far, and will certainly come back for more :-) Cheers! ~willow~

Author Mom with Dogs

Many thanks Ray!

Lady Banana

Awww thanks for the mention and you can be sure I will be back!


Wow! Thanks for the mention :)
You're so right about the comments: I was just recently astounded by the feedback on my last post in my blog. Its the first time I'd actually asked for opinions or advice and the response has been amazing and so helpful *grin*
I heart the blogosphere too... and each day just that much more ;P


You always make me smile. Thanks you Ray. What a great list. I'm going to have fun going through it later.

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