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Thea Westra

Ewe had me in stiches reeding this poast.
Thanx. Totelly luvd it.
Fownd this peace, related to Google AdWords, at
"As a precaution until you know what you are doing you are better off not to bid on the major keywords in your niche because you will spend a small fortune in a matter of minutes. Bidding on lesser searched keywords, mispelled words and variations is a great way to get very specific traffic for a fraction of what you would spend on higher searched phrases."


Great little lesson on SEO. I run Google Ads at work and I use misspellings as much as properly spelled words. Quite a serendipitous event. Enjoying your site. You've got a great mix on design, wit and solid content.


Chocloate sounds rather mysterious and South American, somehow... I may just have to go devise a recipe for a decadent gooey bittersweet dark chocloate mole-type sauce, in honour of your Googlumptious achievement.


No matter how you spell's the best stuff on earth! Think of all the chocloate loving people who have found a home Mr. Be Silly!


Love your writing.


What that's Mr. Besilly...geesh. Isn't it ironic?! Don't you think?

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