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Like the one in my palm that says, "Your hand will not stop the glass pane of a screen door coming at you with the force of an angry sibling behind it!"


Fascinating, until I read your post, I had never stopped to contemplate my scars. So I did ...

All my childhood scars result from crash and burn or adventure.

All the scars from my 20s-30s result from lack of sleep or not paying as much attention as I should have in that split second before injury.

All the scars from 40s result from someone in the medical profession telling me they need to create a scar in order to save my life.

Not that I have THAT many scars in total, but I realized in tracing them back they all fit into distinctive timeline themes. I am sure it means something, I just don't know what. Dalene

mr. besilly


What an amazing timeline you have to trace back. It's not really the quantity of scars but rather the story behind each one. Those stories like the scars are yours alone, making them priceless.

Thanks for dropping that in. Brilliant!


I take it you have brothers ? :)


Northern Lights

Sunday night and it's half past nine
I'm leaving one more town behind.

Mirrors are showing the day's last glow
as we're spit out into the jigsaw flow.

Ahead where there should be the thickness of night
stars are pinned on a shimmering curtain of light.

Sky full of rippling cliffs and chasms
that shine like signs on the road to heaven...

* * *

I've been cut by the beauty of jagged mountains
and cut by the love that flows like a fountain from God.

So I carry these scars, precious and rare,
and tonight I feel like I'm made of air...

Bruce Cockburn


I used to ask my students to write scar stories to introduce themselves to me for the year. Although it was interesting, the fascination of blood and gore by my adolescent learners was a bit much. Actually hilarious.

Yes, and I agree that they're road maps. Funny how that works, huh?

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