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julie leary

Nice socks birthday boy!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!



Is it your birthday today (by reading Julie's comment)? Happy b-day! Mine is tomorrow.

What a beautiful piece of writing. My husband keeps telling me to be positive. I think I have lots of work to do in this area... Thx! :)

Mr. Besilly

Yes indeed! It's my Birthday, it's my Birthday! Thanks for thinking of me Julie. Thank you too Windy for the wish.



Very well said, Ray!

Happy Birthday!


I missed the big day. Happy birthday! Now post the gong show footage!


This piece really spoke to my heart. I not only have a hard time encouraging myself, but I tend to discourage myself as well.

Such strange behavior from a woman who thrives in giving encouragement to others!

Thank YOU for writing this Ray.

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