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Jen / domestika

That's the most positive, uplifting thought that I've come across this week. Thanks for this, Mr. B.

GO! Smell the flowers

LOVE the profile photo you have, we are fans of flower smellers! Added you as a pal in blog catalog and enjoyed this post. Feel free to post with us and join in the fun. Not for the feint hearted!

Cheers and hi from Dubai.

David G.

Your profile photo intrigues me. I see pain in your face - like when Rick Moranis is desperately searching for his tiny kids in the backyard. What were you really thinking when you took that photo?

Mr. Besilly

Perceptive observation David. Actually, I did lose my kids that day in the Daffodils after shrinking them. The real story is I shot that photo of myself for a newsletter with the main post entitled "Taking a Closer Look At Spring". The hard part was keeping my arm out of the frame.
Now the hard part is wanting to be in the frame at all. I hate myself in photos.

Karen Lynch

Fabulous Post! It is so true! What comes easy for one is a struggle for another. You make it look so extraordinary!

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