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Totally Agreed!
Was worth it for the laughter of your 17 year old and the family sitting together in one row...
But the original was still my fav!
And I have not yet seen it on Broadway, but I will...
Laughter of Love is Eternally Up, even if HairSpray gets flat.


You are terrible! I think they did a fantastic job. Yes, no one can be like Divine, because you know, no one else IS him! I don't understand the fact that you hated it so much, but yet you decided to spend your time writing a six paragraph ESSAY on it, trying to make jokes along that way, which by the way, were pathetic! I'm going today to see this movie for the THIRD time, because it was amazing, and I could name plenty of other people who have already done the same.
You may have liked the original better, and yes some people might too. But let me tell you mister- Hairspray 2007 was a great movie; you and your opinion stand alone, my friend.


Zac efron did an excellent job. So did Nikki Blonsky. And they tried really hard. Why can't you terrible people give them some credit??
I agree completely with Taylor. You guys are cruel. Hairspray 2007 was amazing!!


Who are these people that responded to your post? They seem to indicate that because these people "tried really hard", you should love the movie! Well, gosh! You should know that the result isn't what counts, but only if "they tried really hard".

Based on your post alone, I will vigorously oppose and avoid this movie. On the other hand, you liked "300". Or, did you?


Hey does any one know what places hairspray the stage play has been performed??


dear mr besilly.

Have you seen the new Rambo film? if so i'd love to hear your opinion on how you found it and also what state you think hollywood is in at the moment in regards to all the remakes that are emerging.

love your blog!!


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