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I'm really excited about the development! Thanks for the heads-up.

I only have one issue with your post. The bit about Yoko Ono breaking up The Beatles. That really gives her too much power. Women are powerful, it's true, but by saying she broke up the Beatles, it makes the guys in the Beatles look like mamby-pamby buffoons.

Her relationship with John may not have helped matters, but I believe it was more complicated that being able to point the finger at one thing.

Now, I'm off to buy some tunes. :-) Hope you are enjoying our beautiful NW August my friend.


You know what drives me to distraction about John Lennon? The fact that he was all too capable of completely ruining an otherwise snappy tune with lyrics like "Oh Yoko, my love will turn you on" or "I wish you were here my dear, Dear Yoko" followed up quickly by "Oooooohhh Yoko, I'm never ever ever gonna let you go." It sure makes you wish you'd never bothered to sing along.

But it looks like iTunes isn't carrying my all time favorite, Woman is the Nigger of the World.

Boo, Hiss.


Yes, I heard this with a feeling of "finally" and hope, hope, hope that maybe we'll also get the Beatles at some point soon...

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