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Renee Michaels

Thank goodness Ray, you had the guts to say this! It doesn't always make sense to go with the flow, but we've been chanting this mantra for way too long without questioning it. The corollary for this could be: "don't follow the lemmings over the cliff."

Viv King

I don't know about this - I have spent my whole life swiming upstream and I am getting a bit tired - so at my age (54) it makes sense to just "Go with the flow" - perhaps I mean that by not forcing the issue too much you will find the way in time ?

David Goad

Let me through an air flow analogy at you... Sometimes it is useful to draft behind the race car in front of you until the the timing is right to slingshot past it in the homestretch. you can;t make too hard of a turn left or right or you'll crash into the bleachers.


Very helpful many thanks.

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