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A call from an old friend is usually my cure for depression...especially when complicated by the worst sinus/cold/flu thing ever known by man.Thanks for the laughs.You make me feel 13 again. 13 and fat, but still 13.

Steven Blum



Well, jeez, maybe if you'd turn down the Evanescence and post a little less about lost love, despair of lost love and more lost love, people wouldn't freak out and call you out of the blue to make sure you still have a pulse. Ever think about that, huh? ;-)


You guys are mistaking feeling "down" for normal reasons for actual depression. REAL depression is a disease and its agonizing. People end their lives because it becomes too much to bear. These people aren't weak or crazy, and their suffering is as real as that of people who are physically ill. I went through a bout of clinical depression after a family member was killed in an accident. Those months were hell.

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