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Wow!! That's cool!!


UUUGGGGHHHH! I hate the Pike Place blend and I resent that it seems to be the ONLY coffee they brew after 10 am ! My kids love their over-priced blended drinks and their cold cake. At least I used to be able to sip my steamy- black-no-calorie coffee while they slurped and chowed. But, no more. I complain each visit and am met with empathetic words from the staff who insist that it is way better with milk. To me, it tastes like a dumbed down version of their real coffee, so that Starbucks can take back some of the ground lost to McD's and Dunkin Donuts. EEEEEEWWWWWWWW! As far as free stuff, it was so confusing I didn't even catch what went on....had to read it twice. But, as always, I am good for the semi-free [re: hidden costs may apply] advice . In fact, some have accused me of living to opine.

mr. besilly

Julie... who knew you were so dark on Starbucks bold dark roast. I use the Pike Place Blend for espresso rather than drip. That may be the rub. I used to love Dunkin Donuts when I was a kid living in Rochester. Some of the better memories with my Dad were there. Thanks for that.


Well, I am a bit vigilant when it comes to my coffee. And , in 1970, Dunkin' Donuts was pretty hip. Maybe the espresso use for the PP [he he he] would be better.....we'll see........

The Dark Roast Queen


After 20 years I quit drinking coffee last summer. Now I'm totally addicted to their Green Tea Lattes. One cool thing happened the other day when ordering drinks for work mates and myself. They over charged for one of the lattes. When I brought it to their attention they refunded the cost of the drink. *$s does train their folks well.

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