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    Best Kisses is a unique user-generated kissing photo website promoting the power of love one kiss at a time. Send us your photo kisses, captions and love-notes. New photos post every Monday. It's simple! It's your life in a kiss.

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I love that I get to 'meet' so many people over the net. I also get to meet more people with interests like my own. Who knew there were so many other people into vintage aprons, paint by numbers and vegan baking.? And just so you know, you guys already mattered to me way before this new fangled computer thing became so popular with the kids.

Stephanie Tramdack Cash, CFA

Just for the record, I'm his sister the photo is great, quite a vision indeed. My brother is a starship captain who makes use of his spare time to run the library at Slippery Rock University. - Stephanie Tramdack Cash

C. Dillon

Phil is unique and I never knew he had such loyalty to his couch. Great picture.

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