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Man, that is one ugly woman. I hope Obama doesn't have a drag show on the side.


That picture is just wrong.

Be safe...


I think that photo is hilarious. I don't see it happening and frankly wondering if Hillary will effectively knock-out the democratic victory that would seemingly be a given if the primaries don't drag-on into the dog days of summer.

There are few things in life that I understand well and politics is certainly not high on that list.

Great post.

Thea Westra

It's getting so late at night here in Perth that I found myself staring at the photo blankly, thinking, "I know that person, who is it?"
Then I read a little text and realised!
Definitely time for bed; what an image to leave me with. Thanks. :)
I'm glad I don't live in the USA at this time. Reminds me of a quote by Anne O’Hare McCormick:
"The percentage of mistakes in quick decisions is no greater than in long-drawn-out vacillations, and the effect of decisiveness itself `make things go’ and creates confidence…."
I'm way over the other side of the Pacific Ocean and I can't wait till the 4th of November! :)
Cheers, Thea

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