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I needed to hear that this morning. I don't handle success any better than failure and we have had lots of successes and recognition over the past few years but .. But I doubt that I had anything to do with them. Old tapes continue to run; "why can't you do anything right?", " you can do better", " when will you ever change?"

After more than 50 years, you would think that I would hear the more recent tapes but those of us with the dreaded inferiority complex never seem to be able to change the loop.

I was in self doubt this morning and thinking that we should cancel our vacation plans afterall I didn't deserve a vacation and maybe I could accomplish something important if I stayed and donated the money we would spend.

Your post was helpful in at least turning down the volume on the old messages.


Your post reminds me how important it is to communicate to others about their footprints as well. Now, go tell your wife what a phenomenal impact she's had on your life! :)


Interesting post, interesting thoughts. Somehow after the age of 5, I guess we humans begin lacking the confidence or persistence or chutzpah to continuously ask "Do you love me, huh? Huh? Do you love me?" In a child it's "cute" but in a relationship it can surely come off as twitchy, needy and co-dependent. But that should not be an excuse to avoid asking the question altogether.

Excuse me...I have to go french kiss my dog now.

Thea Westra

You're right. Nothing like hearing it straight from another.
This week a few ex-students of mine (from 20 years ago) found my Facebook, and now they're all beginning to find me.
The following was written by one of them (I hid her location for her privacy).
"Hello Miss has been ages..How are you? Are you still a teacher? and I see you're living in Perth now... Im living in ---- at the moment studying to be a teacher!!! It's my final year, I should graduate in about 5 weeks so I am really excited about it.
Do you know, that when lecturers at uni ask us about our old teachers and which teachers we believe helped shape us and make us so passionate about teaching now, I always tell them about you and how good a teacher you were. :)"
It was such a joy to read. I have been told things similar by ex-students & never fails to bring me to tears every time.
Cheers, Thea

David G

Let me tell YOU, Mr. Besilly, that you have been a great friend to me since 1988, and I really appreciate you.

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