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Thank you for writing what I am living...

Nothing can replace the realness of real!
And sometimes I wonder if I am living in someone else's box of mashed potatoes.
Because well, that is how they like it...
...hidden from the real taste of life,
Connecting to only ideas not a real person,
lost in the brain of NOT,
defending the dead man standing,
and the definition of meaningful is
"My own opinion" is all that matters...

Another suggestion: Use Instant Messaging to determine if someone is at their computer (presence) and then send the most common IM sent by millions of people... "You there?" If they answer, pick up the phone and call them. You'll hear the smile in their voice.

funny Questions

I encourage you to take a moment of pause today, reach out and really connect with someone, in a deep and meaningful way. That doesn't mean you have to invest hours of time. Say something that really matters, if it moves you, others will be moved too. You'll find yourself full for days.

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