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The Little Things In Life Aren't Little

Bela_Biro_Book_Review_25_PeopleIn November of 2014 my wife Terri and I left our quaint little home in Issaquah, on the Eastside of Seattle and decided that we were going to live the beach life in Huntington Beach, California. I was cleared by my company to work from home and when not working, I was intentional to be living on permanent vacation.

But today was not a typical beach day at all. A small package arrived in the mail from my good friend and longtime trusted Seattle carpool partner Bela Biro. Bela was a constant light in my life from sometime around 2004, give or take a year.

Not long after we started sharing endless laughs and wild stories during our weekly rides into downtown Seattle, Bela told me about a book he had been wanting to write. The book would feature people that he met during his lifetime and how they affected him, inspired him and at times helped him navigate his own journey through life. 

That book, which for the longest time sounded more like the legend of Bigfoot, found it's way to my front door. It's called; 25 People I've Known, or met, have heard about or that otherwise influenced me. Yes, it's true — my friend Bela Biro has pulled the myth from out of the shadows and has made his longtime vision a reality. 

In his Preface, Bela closes with this sentence; "The people that I have written about in these pages are my heroes!" 

I was floored to find out this was a book about his personal heroes. Bela lovingly documents the impact of twenty five ordinary people who left an unforgettable footprint in his life. A few dozen friends and influencers that he has chosen to elevate from a fond memory into a living memorial. Because once it's printed, it's locked into history forever.

Bela's stories have reminded me that there's no such thing as insignificant people in our lives. He created his own personal triumph by drawing attention to the immeasurable value of others. When you buy this book you'll be delighted to learn that every moment truly matters, because we inhabit our moments. These stories affirm the power of giving your life away. Sometimes it's as simple as teaching your neighbor how to play gin rummy or making them the best tuna sandwich ever. 

Author, Annie Dillard said; “A writer looking for subjects inquires not after what he loves best, but after what he alone loves at all.”

I am so grateful for the years I spent invested in friendship with Bela. He's a masterful cook and a true curator of life. Dinners at his family table became priceless to me. I watched him conquer the fine art of becoming a Dad in a blended family. I was in awe witnessing what to me looked like a death defying high wire act every week. Each one of his children are a mirror of all that is wonderful in both himself and his wife Cynde. 

The fact that I was included on page 79 in this book is both humbling and a profound honor for me.  It turns out the little things in life aren't little. 

"How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard

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