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Huntington Beach Rolls With Miffies Coffee Truck



Who knew that a 100% plant-based coffee truck was exactly what a chilled out beach town wanted? I have chowed down at plenty of food trucks, but I've never experienced a retro-fabulous coffee truck like Miffies Coffee. It's the baby unicorn of food trucks.

This magical plant-based, vegan coffee truck quietly rolled into Huntington Beach, California in early January 2021 and it's been a total beachside stunner ever since. I'm always lightly covered in rainbow unicorn dust every time I leave. 

Miffies_Coffee_Huntington BeachFirst off, their Captain + Stoker brand roast is simply TO DIE FOR. When owners, Ross and Didi Lower (from Brighton, England), told me they didn't like super dark roasted espresso, I was a total skeptic. But man oh man, their coffee is amazing.

Then I find out they serve their brew using non-dairy oat milk. I mean creamy, delightful oat milk from some Happy Planet. It was truly the smoothest tasting Flat White Latte I've ever had. That first sip was as tender as a mother's love. 

I heard from a dude who knows another dude who confirmed that Miffies Indiegogo fundraiser video was shot using an iPhone 8 Plus. What? That definitely grabbed my attention. The video looks amazing and knowing they did not blow a bunch of money to produce it, instantly made me want to throw in some cash to help power their truck with a new solar and battery powered generator. 

The fact that a plant-based coffee truck runs off a noisy, gasoline generator is not exactly sustainable or beach friendly. Miffies totally knows it, so they have decided to make a huge leap to sort out that problem as fast as they can. 

I'm convinced that coffee aficionados, cold brew heads and everybody in between will find something from Miffies Coffee truck that will blow them away. I would go straight for the popular Von Tiki if you love wildly extravagant coffee drinks.

You can find Miffies Coffee truck parked on the corner of Seventeenth Street and PCH in Huntington Beach every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 3:30.

Paddle out and support a wonderful start-up business with the best espresso in Huntington Beach. You can't beat the ocean view or the friendly beach vibes that Didi and Ross offer free with every cup of Miffies happy, happy, joy, joy. Tell them Raymondo sent you and you just may get an unexpected surprise. 

That's how we roll in HB. You can thank me later. 


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